Our workshops are designed for corporations who create inclusive conditions and help executives put all their talent to work through each stage of their career, whilst providing a community dividend - more cohesive communities.




The Next Chapter is designed for corporations to support those who are in transition, contemplating a portfolio career, or who are simply curious about working for or more effectively in the for-purpose sector. It will provide participants with a greater understanding of issues and opportunities around social inclusion and equity, a deeper appreciation of self, and frameworks to help forge a sustainable pathway to action.



With more time spent at work, Millennials want to mean more to them. They are poised to be one of the biggest generations in history who want to be engaged and compelled to feel good about their organisations.

Our Work & Meaning three-hour workshop provides a solid foundation for Millennials to start thinking about this journey. It will give them a clearer understanding of the complexity and nuances of the non-profit and social enterprise field, tools to gain more clarity on where they might direct their energy, and a resources pack to connect them to networks to contribute to community building.




What do we teach ourselves and others when we tell our own story? The process of crafting your life story not only helps convince others of your beliefs, but it can also help you clarify your work and life goals.  When individuals can clearly articulate their purpose, they become more fully engaged with the world.  Their long-term future, which may have seen unclear, is now seen as a time of opportunity.  In this Storycrafting workshop, you’ll be given coaching and practical tools on how to develop your personal and professional story.



Trust & Ethics

As trust in institutions has declined, trust in the individual has risen and so the future depends on individuals. This interactive one-hour workshop focuses on two essential qualities that will set you up for the future - trust and ethics. How can you be trusted? What does ethics mean for you? Are the ethical goalposts shifting and how far will they go?

Highly respected Ethics Fellow Clare Payne will inspire by painting a picture of what is possible when you engage with trust and ethics.



GEt on board

Get on Board is an active learning workshop for professionals who are interested in engaging in a leadership capacity in purpose-led organisations on either a board or a committee member. It equips participants with the knowledge and insights required to connect to, and add value to mission-driven non-profit organisations, and to secure a board role that has individual resonance.

This workshop includes personal reflection and a panel of sector experts who will share their insights and experiences on key success drivers for high-functioning boards




We work to establish our careers and achieve success and then a time comes to move into the next chapter of our life. This is an ideal time to ask the most important questions. Who am I? Why am I living and working the way I am? What might I yet become?

In this interactive workshop, Dr Liz Paslawsky will examine the road to explore the essential you. Understanding this helps define our values and the criteria to help guide all our decisions.  Importantly, it opens up more choices in deciding who we want to be.