The flow of life

Our world is going through an extraordinary time of transition and very few of us are prepared for it. Digital disruption and globalization have changed the way we live and work. Increased longevity will do the same.  

Each transition in our lives is calling on us to do and be something different. In our first chapter, we’re dependent on family. In our second, we’re adults and our sense of self is often shaped by what we do. Our next chapter will stretch out and become multi-staged because of living longer lives as we adapt to a changing environment, seek balance and maximise our finances.

This phase can be either one of the most challenging or, if we apply conscious attention, it could be one of the most inspiring periods of our lives, particularly if we choose to contribute to social good. But where do we start with this thinking? 

The for-purpose sector

The for-profit and for-purpose (non-profit and social enterprise) worlds have some great differences, and some surprising similarities, that make contributing to the community both compelling and a bit unsettling. 

You may be thinking of joining a board, consulting, doing some skilled volunteering or becoming a mentor. To whom should you speak?  In what areas should you look?  Who are the good operators? 

With nearly 180,000 non-profit entities and social enterprises, finding the right organisation and the right fit with your values can be difficult.

As with the for-profit sector, it often takes untold meetings with networks and, at times, can have false and frustrating starts if you are not expertly guided.



When channelled prudently, the capacity for individual and societal transformation is extraordinary and it’s often a time of intense discovery.

Once it dawns on us that our work impacts real people, we experience defining moments of inspiration that get us up in the morning and thinking late into night. Our connectedness to the world deepens and our self-awareness is heightened. 

Contributing to the for-purpose sector adds another dimension to our lives. It’s intellectually stimulating, it sparks imagination and makes you feel more accomplished as a human-being.

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your next chapter, our Accelerate Mentoring program is ideal. It will be tailored to suit your individual needs and will cover areas relevant to you and your values to provide clarity, focus and direction.

After first session, the remaining five sessions can be conducted face-to-face, via Skype or by phone. They can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our goal is to make it work for you.  

Our six sessions cover:


1. Vision and Values Diagnostic: This will help you reflect on what’s important in your life and help guide your future decisions.

2. Expertise and Attributes: How would you like to apply your particular skills? What are you great at? What can you bring to the table to empower others? 

Search for focus

3. Ecosystem deep-dive: You will be taken through the nuances of the for-purpose sector including its challenges, differences to the commercial world and emerging opportunities.

4. Issue areas: We will identify social interest areas of most interest to you and focus down on learning more about the field including the trends and leading non-profit organisations.

Planning for purpose

5. Resources pack: This pack comprises templates, stories, key data and websites to help deepen your general research, then your due-diligence when approaching an organisation. 

6. Access to networks: You will be personally connected into for-purpose networks to help you take the next steps to action and make your community contribution a reality.

After the six sessions, you will have continued access to email support for 12 months as you learn along the way and discover what matters to you



Lisa Cotton, CEO Ideology Group

In 2002, I transitioned out of the corporate world into the for-purpose sector and have never looked back. I started out volunteering, then I joined venture philanthropy organisation, Social Ventures Australia in 2003, where I worked alongside some of the smartest entrepreneurs in the country. 

These leaders were nuanced problem solvers, critical thinkers and they anticipated problems with a wide peripheral vision.  The work was not only deeply stimulating, it was (and still is) having a major impact in communities around Australia.

I moved into a new dimension when I co-founded The Funding Network (TFN). TFN is shaking up giving through the collective power of people by building the capacity of grassroots non-profit organisations. Since inception, this collective giving model has partnered with over 200 non-profits and won numerous awards.

My decades of experience in corporate, government and the for purpose sector, enable me to think beyond narrow business imperatives and help me to offer advice born from experience and a deep curiosity about what it means to live a purposeful life.