by Narelle Hooper and Rodin Genoff

At a time when demagogues are on the rise and the United States is threatening to build walls, New Women New Men New Economy is a reminder that building bridges and connections is what will keep us strong. This agenda-setting book, reprinted in 2016, outlines the increasingly powerful commercial imperative driving organisations to become creative, open, diverse and fair. The marketplace is choosing for us.

Across the world we see organisations with more women in leadership roles delivering superior financial returns, increasing productivity and tapping the ingenuity of their people to tackle wicked problems. Companies, communities and countries that are more inclusive do better, innovate more, unleash new value and prosper long term. Who are they? The authors introduce us to companies around the world, from Unilever and Google to Pixar and Arup, The Hunger Project, big consulting firms, banks and telcos, the Australian Army, as well as dynamic SMEs in Finland, Denmark, Silicon Valley and outback Australia.

How are they doing it? This provocative book shows that these 'new' women and men have cracked the leadership CODE that puts their most valuable competitive resource to work - their people. They are leaders who are embracing the principles of Creativity, Openness, Diversity and Equity and building the New Economy around us. Find out what it takes to join them. New Women, New Men, New Economy brings together new global research, case studies and diagnostic tools to help guide you through. CODE UP: Creativity ignites competitiveness; Open speeds up innovation; Diversity boosts performance and problem-solving; Equity creates thriving teams and communities that build long-term value.

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Lisa Cotton