the art & science of head & HEART STORYcrafting

Often when you hear someone talk about their career and life experience, their narrative tends to be peppered with executive speak and a dry sequential list of company achievements. The result? Their story sounds just like everyone else’s experience and it doesn’t break through.

There is an art and science to storytelling and pitching. If your story is well crafted, it not only helps convince others of your values and beliefs, but it can also help you clarify your work, purpose and life goals. 

Great storytelling gives you the confidence to take the listener on a journey of your career, your achievements, your challenges and the many insights you gained along the way. It’s not just a story of your successes, but a compelling narrative of your personal and professional growth.

This immersive facilitated workshop is delivered over 4 hours.


  • You’ll improve your soft skills and understand more about yourself, your values and your motivations.

  • You’ll hold your listeners’ attention and pique their interest to know more.

  • You’ll demonstrate competence and knowledge with confidence and conviction.

  • You’ll gain access to a resources kit to learn more about the power of storytelling.


9.00am Welcome

9.30am Head: Mapping for Clarity

10.30am Heart: Storycrafting for Response

11.30am Body: Language for Leading

12.00pm Soul: Engage for Impact

1.00pm Workshop concludes



Rob Irving

Rob is one of Australia’s foremost communication coaches. With an intense curiosity and commitment about what makes people, businesses and brands tick, Rob’s career spans top management, business coaching, not-for profit enterprises, event marketing and business development. He has enjoyed extensive involvement in the corporate event business and  shares deep experience as executive coach, workshop facilitator, and off-site leader. He is co-founder of Forté which is  focused on igniting performance and talent for clients including Colonial First State, Datacom, Google, Lend Lease, Origin energy, RBA, STW, The Eventful Group, Westpac, among others.



Location: Premises of client’s choosing

Participants: 8 participants

Cost: Contact