There are 5.7 million baby boomers in Australia and the first wave is already moving into the next chapter of their careers. We're living decades longer than previous generations, and what we do with these extra years is increasingly top of mind.

“If I had taken the opportunity to understand what the post full-time work world would look like before transitioning, I would have been able to get my plans together in a matter of months rather than years and could have avoided the regular feeling of two steps forward one back”, said Jack.

This is a common experience for C-suite executives who have been so immersed in their roles, they left little time to figure out the ‘next chapter’ in their lives. As such, they have grappled with feeling behind the eight ball and dealing with challenges including a lack of relevance, loss of power and little purpose.

One of the biggest issues for those used to running a million miles an hour is when the structure and rhythm of the life you knew suddenly stops, it’s easy to fall into a black hole, despite the extraordinary opportunities to live a new kind of life that this phase offers.

the next chapter

The Next Chapter program is designed for those who are in transition, contemplating a portfolio career, or who are simply curious about working in (or working more effectively in) the for-purpose sector. It will provide participants with a greater understanding of issues and opportunities in social inclusion and equity, a deeper appreciation of self, and frameworks to help to forge a sustainable pathway to action.

This facilitated program is delivered over 1.5 days + pre-reading.


The Next Chapter program is for individuals who are interested in engaging in a leadership capacity in a for-purpose organisation. This could be as a non-executive board director, in an executive position, consulting, mentoring or undertaking skilled volunteering.

You will be curious about how you can leverage all your skills. You’re keen to look beyond your past functional roles and be open to learning and growing along the way.

You may already be on a non-profit board; however you wish to more deeply understand the sector’s ecosystem to enable you to be vastly more effective in your work.


  • You will build upon your soft skills and understand more about yourself, your values and your motivations.

  • You will learn how to leverage your talents and tell your story.

  • You will gain a more nuanced understanding of contemporary trends, challenges and opportunities in the for-purpose and philanthropic fields.

  • You will more deeply appreciate the differences/similarities between the for-profit and non-profit sectors, particularly in relation to governance.

  • You will know how and where to go to take practical steps to action.

What we learn becomes part of who we are and sometimes all it takes is an experience with peers to change our lives for the better. The Next Chapter is one such experience. It’s a practical and inspiring program delivered via five modules over 1.5 days with pre-reading.


Discovery is about seeking knowledge and asking the right questions to help shape your future.

Module 1: Deep Dive
The For-Purpose Ecosystem
9.00am to 12.30pm

The sector is complex and a significant contributor to Australia’s democracy.  There are over 60,000 tax deductible entities with the majority operating "under the radar”. This session will help you understand what the ecosystem looks like, the different players, the challenges, innovation, and the many opportunities that exist to work in new ways to address long-standing community issues.

Module 2: Shared Learning
Hear from the Experts
12.45pm to 1.45pm

When great minds come together, ideas spark and minds open to possibilities. Our expert panel will feature respected leaders from across sectors who will share their experiences in transitioning careers or incorporating more purpose aligned with their values. This interactive session is designed to tease out insights and real-life experiences, so participants can learn about the most effective ways to start their journey.

Module 3: Visioning
Who am I?

2.00pm – 4.30pm

We need to recognise that our inner lives are just as important to understand as our outer lives.  If you live solely for external achievement, years can pass and the deepest parts of you can go unexplored.  So, who are you when you’re at your best?  What lessons have you learned?  What’s your definition of success?  Finding out exactly who you are is liberating.  This session will help you understand how your nature and nurture forms who you are and how it continues to influence your decisions today.

Intimate Dinner and Guest Speaker
6.00pm - 8.30pm

The first day will finish with a relaxed early evening dinner featuring a special guest speaker to gain further insights. This is an opportunity to chat about what’s sparked your curiosity or to simply get to know each other.


Visioning is about having the courage to imagine a new future and accessing all your talents.

Module 4: Your story
Crafting your narrative
9.00am – 11.00am

The process of crafting your life story not only helps convince others of your beliefs, but it can also help you clarify your work and life goals.  When individuals can clearly articulate their purpose, they become more fully engaged with the world.  Their long-term future, which may have seen unclear, is now seen as a time of opportunity.  In this session, you’ll be given coaching and practical tools on how to develop your personal and professional story.

Module 5: Future opportunities
Taking action
11.15am – 12.30pm

One of the biggest challenges when considering community contribution is where to start?  To whom do you speak? In what area should you look?  And in what capacity? This session is designed to short-cut a process that can often take years. You will hear about key players in this diverse sector – grassroots organisations and larger NGOs, intermediary organisations, recruiters, thought-leaders and a wide range of opportunities to engage in work with purpose.


To further support your learning at the end of the program, you will receive a Next Chapter Resources Pack that, coupled with your program experience, will enable you to explore the sector in your own time with a greater understanding of its nuances and opportunities.


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Location: Premises of client’s choosing

Participants: Up to 14 (minimum 10)

Content: Program can be modified to suit client’s needs

Cost: Contact