We work to establish our careers and achieve success and then a time comes to move into the next chapter of our life. This is an ideal time to ask the most important questions. Who am I? Why am I living and working the way I am? What might I yet become?

In this interactive workshop, Dr Liz Paslawsky will examine the road to explore the essential you. Understanding this helps define our values and the criteria to help guide all our decisions.  Importantly, it opens up more choices in deciding who we want to be.

What you will gain:

·    A much deeper understanding of your strengths, vulnerabilities and beliefs.

·    A clear framework to better understand your values.

·    A set of criteria to help inform future decisions about your next chapter.

·    A toolkit for further development.


Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm

10.00 – 10.30

Understanding where self-identity as adults comes from

Your adult reality will never be understood through adult rational analysis, adult intellect or off the shelf personality tests, or self-development packages. Your beliefs about who you are, your key values, strengths and vulnerabilities are all established in your childhood.

This segment asks you to put aside your rational adult mind and this explore your childhood experiences, emotion and imagination. Our interpretation as a child may not have anything to do with reality, or how adults around us interpret events. Yet to us it's our absolute truth.

10.30 – 11.15

Developing your childhood mind map

Via group discussion, you will be taken through the logic of a childhood mind-map and given examples to illustrate the power of the framework.  This includes your earliest memories, your emotions at the time and how you responded. 

11.45 – 12.15pm 

How your childhood beliefs impact your adult reality 

In this segment, you will identify how your reflections have impacted your adult life, your core strengths that drive you today and your values developed along the way. 

12.15 – 12.45

Criteria for the next chapter in your life

You will spend some time to write the criteria that will help inform the choices for the next chapter in your life with questions such as: Do I want to maintain my habits developed as a child for this next phase? What habits do I want to change? What are my intrinsic values?


Dr Liz Paslawsky

Liz is an accomplished coach, lecturer and facilitator of CEO roundtables. She’s formerly held CEO roles in banking and healthcare in the public and private sectors. Her commercial skills include international strategy; leading and merging hospitals and health services, capital infrastructure, public private partnerships, and institutional banking mergers and acquisitions.

For the past 15 years Liz has been researching and gaining insights into a diversity of ways to gain self-awareness through ancient wisdoms. This includes participating in programs at the Tao Monastery in Arizona, South Korea and London, as well as the Shamanic tribesmen practices in the Ecuador rain forest.


Location: Premises of client’s choosing

Participants: Up to 14 (minimum 10)

Cost: Contact