Today’s Millennials are questioning the core values of firms and the social principles that underpin them.

Our three-hour Work & Meaning program is an interactive and insightful session that will provide participants with an understanding of the trends, challenges and opportunities in the for-purpose sector.

It is designed to help them explore what might be meaningful to them and, with Ideology Group’s Resources Pack, to identify a path to integrating purpose into their work and lives.


The workshop is designed for Millennials who are curious about social change and how they can contribute or work more effectively in the sector.


  • A better understanding of the nuances, trends and structures of the for-purpose (non-profit and social enterprise) sector.

  • Tools to explore your purpose and where you might direct your energy and talents.

  • Growth in your soft skills and understand more about yourself and your values.

  • A resources pack to connect you to opportunities to contribute to community building.


Deep Dive: the for-purpose sector

8.00am to 9.30am

The sector is complex and a significant contributor to Australia’s democracy.  There are over 60,000 tax deductible entities with the majority operating "under the radar”.  This session will take you through the nuances of the non-profit sector including latest trends, challenges and opportunities.

Exploring Purpose: who are you?

9.30am – 10.15am

We need to recognise that our inner lives are as important to understand as our outer lives.  If you live solely for external achievement, years can pass and the deepest parts of you can go unexplored.  So who are you when you’re at your best?  What lessons have you learnt?  What’s your definition of success?  Finding out exactly who you are and what you’re truly interested is liberating. This session will provide the tools to start this process and help you understand where you might make a difference.

Taking Action: contribution opportunities

10.15am -11.00am:

There are many ways you can contribute to the non-profit sector, from skilled volunteering to mentoring, from project work to non-executive board roles.  This session provide an overview of the opportunities and will help you consider a path to engagement aligned with your skills and interests. It will feature case-study examples and provide practical steps to take action.


See our facilitators in the “Our People” section of the website


Location: Premises of client’s choosing

Participants: Up to 14 (minimum 10)

Content: Program can be tailored to suit client’s needs

Cost: Contact